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2017 Events


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Math & Reading Winter Boot Camps

Rhonda Rainey-Stuart Book Signing 

Stop The Stigma: Mental Health & Homelessness

Poetry Slam  

Don't Call It A Come Back: Grand Opening 

Everyday, I'm Calculating

Summer Slam 


Hours of Operations: 

All programs are overseen by a licensed educator 

Monday- Academic Bootcamps, Tutoring, and Homework Help                              4 pm-9 pm 

Tuesday - Academic Bootcamps, Tutoring, and Homework Help                            4 pm-9 pm 

Wednesday- Academic Bootcamps, Tutoring, and Homework Help                        4 pm-9 pm

Thursday- Academic BootcampsTutoring, and Homework Help                           4 pm-9 pm

Friday-                                                                               CLOSED    

Saturday-Tutoring and Homework Help                                                                   10 am- 6 pm (By Appointment Only)

Sunday-                                                                                                                 CLOSED


To improve the skills of young people by fostering better communication (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) for improved leadership to better prepare youth for the world of work/careers and their community.

The Essential Playzone is Closed on the Following Holidays:

New Years Eve and New Years Day 


Mother's Day 

Memorial Day

Father's Day 

Independence Day 

Labor Day

Thanksgiving (the day before and the day after) 

Christmas (the day before and after) 

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