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“The Zone” prides itself on serving the community. We are a community of diverse individuals from teachers, federal workers, medical workers, and everyday people who believe in the growth of young people. We are here to serve a community of young people who need just a little guidance and compassion in an effort to plan a better future for themselves. We have an engaging and strategic learning environment in which we help young people plan for their future by offering tutoring, mentoring, homework help, job and career skill development, and college planning. If, this sounds like something you have experience in and you want to share your talents and skills, please feel free to call us to help!


 Volunteer Levels of Support: 

Zone Tutors  are licensed educators who love to teach young people. Their ultimate goal is to help to fill those academic gaps young people have with plenty of support to enable them to succeed at the next level academically and/or socially.

Zone Mentors  are individuals who have a passion for seeing young people excel, and are willing to help motivate and guide young people to their desired future by offering mentoring, homework assistance and mentoring/counseling to young people. 

Zone Friends  are individuals who may not fall into the other categories, but desperately believe in the possibility of young people succeeding in life and want to serve as those desperately needed role models and mentors for young people. 

Zone Helpers are individuals who want to help The Zone with various areas outside of academics. This might include leading workshops, helping with events, fundraising, administrative help and other.


If, you have time in your busy schedule and want to help “The Zone,” then all you have to do is complete an application, provide us with a copy of your credentials, and provide a copy of your most recent background check (12 months). It is as simple as that, so come and help us change the life of a young person by showing we all C.A.R.E.!

Complete the inquiry below, and we will be in touch with you.

Thank you, for any level of support you can give the young people at “The Zone”!!!